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It is located in the centre of Kos town, 100m from the harbor and 400m from cosmopolitan beaches with exciting water sports. Also close at hand are the castle, the museum and important archaeological sites, as well as merry entertainment at night. Despite its superb central location, the hotel inside is calm and quiet.
 - Alexandra Hotel

From the airport:

The airport of Kos (KGS) is approximately 23km from the hotel on a 29 minutes drive. Busses and TAXI are available for you to be transported to and from the airport.

 - Alexandra Hotel

From the harbor:

Alexandra Hotel is situated only a few square blocks away from the center and the harbor. The distance on foot is about 900m from the port to the hotel's entrance.

 - Alexandra Hotel

To and from the city center:

Since Alexandra Hotel's major advantage is that it is situated in the city center. A 2-3 minute walk will take you to the main square. Also you can drive for almost 4 minutes to enjoy the route through the city.

 - Alexandra Hotel

From the city entrance:

The entrance of the city of Kos is only 3km away from the hotel. Once your trip to the villages outside of the city is over, you can reach the hotel within 8 min by driving through main roads.